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I wrote a story for an assignment in Mrs. McNeil's 5th grade class.  The story was written about Bunny, our horse, who had gotten out and into the neighbors yard.  Somehow she got herself tangled into some barbed wire, and we had to put her down.  Mrs. McNeil had sent the story, if I remember correctly, to McCall's Magazine, who wanted to publish it.  I never told my folks about it, and I never re-wrote it as the editor asked me to.  For some reason, which I can't recall, I was scared to have it published.  I wish that I still had a copy of that story.

I continue to write and currently pen a column for the local newspaper. I have written many songs and poems and wrote a book of Cowboy Poetry & Short Stories published by Sky House.  The title of the book was "Ridin' Fence" and sold 3,000 copies. 

I am currently doing what I hope is the final edit on my first novel, "Ghost Bear Island,"  which is a thriller and the 1st volume of a trilogy.  What changes I and my editor of Loose Leaves Publishing Company make in the next couple of weeks should have it ready to be on the shelf by Valentine's dday, 2014.  

I will be adding the occasional comment, new song lyrics, poem or short story for your reading pleasure.  Keep checking back... and I look forward to your comments.



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