We went through a pretty traumatic fall. a couple of months after we got back from our Alaska cruise with our friends Ray and Connie, it started raining. And I mean RAINING!  In the course of  a few days we had over half a fifty gallon barrel full. Our cute little Fish Creek flooded. Instead of being about a a foot and a half wide and a few inched deep, it became a roaring, raging torrent about a hundred feet wide and I don't know how many feet deep. We lost our back yard, but had no real damage to the house. Fortunately there were no deaths reported from Estes Park, though there were six deaths below us.  Both Fish Creek and Fall River flooded and the people downstream had it even worse than we.  We were completely cut off from the rest of the world. No land lines, no internet, no cell phones, no nothing. After a few days of watching and waiting and walking up and down the flood area, we met a lady from above us who had internet and she sent e-mails to relatives of ours and our neighbors, who in turn contacted the rest of our families and told them we were still among the living.  It still looks like a war zone, but within a couple of days trucks were able to get to Estes Park and bring in groceries and gasoline, over Trail Ridge Road. Then that road became to slick to travel on because of snow. It was only another day or so that highway 7 was able to handle emergency trucks etc. so there was no shortage of food except: to some of the people who were even further isolated.  I tried to ride to find a way to those people but was unsuccessful.  A few days later another horseback crew with a couple of pack animals got through to those still completely isolated.  Many people below us had to be helicoptered from their homes to safety, including a friend of ours who is pretty much wheelchair bound.  I understand that there were many pets, dogs, cats etc. that got helicopter rides. 

We were very blessed with essentially no damage to the house and none to us. 

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