Book cover and permission to use a real person as a character in GBI 2

If you happen to notice the book cover, a Mountain has been added.  I like the new look, with snow added to the mountain it will look more like the Alaskan mountains, which is going to happen.  The date of publication has once again been set back a bit. We don't know the exact dat of publication, but I'm hoping it won't be much past Valentine's day.  BUT IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, I'm happy to report.  Book 2 is getting a bit more organized. A lot of research has taken place and I'm happy to report that a friend of mine, Doris Daley, has graciously allowed me to use her Gt. Grandfather, James Daly, and Irish Immigrant and one of the original  Northwest Mounted Police, badge # 226, as a character in Book 2.  The original compliment of NWMP numbered only 275. I believe she said she or her family has the badge.  Thank You Doris.  


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