Vic Anderson, Cowboy Troubadour is a western entertainer, singer, songwriter, author, champion yodeler and world class whistler. He spouts a little cowboy poetry 
now and then, presents his programs to schools, church groups, concerts, cattle drives, corporate meetings, family and class reunions, parades, cowboy and poetry gatherings and get togethers of all kinds. 

He has entertained throughout  Western U.S., Canada and Germany. He has done thousands of personal appearances, written for and appeared in radio and television shows, advertisements and a movie trailer.

Vic was a member of the original Lazy B Wranglers and the only one to also be a member of the NEW Lazy B Wranglers in Estes Park, CO. He spent a summer entertaining at the Roosevelt
 Corral Steak Cookout in YELLOWSTONE PARK. 

Raised in White Sulphur Springs, Montana, he cowboy'd on large and small ranches working cattle, horses, sheep and buffalo. He is an author who, for the last six years, continues to write a weekly column; RIDE EASY PARD
 for the local paper and has written for many magazines, journals and newspapers He has compiled many of his weekly newspaper columns into a book of short stories titled "Ride Easy Pard," The first one sold so quickly, he brought out a second one with several new stories, named Ride Easy Pard #2. His first novel, entitled GHOST BEAR ISLAND became the #1 seller of Loose Leaves Publishing.